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    November 30, 2010


    Viola L

    There are multiple problems. First and foremost "involuntary" nontherapeutic research that harms needs to be banned 100%. Secondly, victims of such should be able to make claims and get compensation for that harm. This has not been easy for involuntary human research subjects in the past.

    Thirdly, not all Federal agencies are bound by the Common Rule. Apparently Guantanamo shows that maybe those that are bound by it have violated it anyway. Federal regulation, human subjects protection and oversight needs to be across the board.

    Next, Abadie for example, is making statements about the pharmaceutical industry. The Common Rule only applies to federally funded research and therefore, while his request for oversight of all human subjects trials is important, the Presidential memo does not address that issue. In fact, state funded, institutionally funded and privately funded research can be just as harmful as Federal research.

    Abadie looks at trials with presummably volunteers. All human subjects research needs to have oversight. The interest for me, however, is in nontherapeutic involuntary research. I am interested in it because I myself am a victim and I will say that actual crimes have been committed against me during the course of this experimentation. My inability to get justice for those is an indication of who is in the know about these experiment.

    If Guatemala had a sobering effect on the President, one can only wonder what his reaction will be if and when he finds out what is happening now. It is much worse than Guatemala or Tuskegee. And to make the situation more difficult for victims - I have communications interferences when I try to contact those who can help or who would be able to pinpoint whose research interests my experimentation serves. And to add more dirt to the pile, there are fakes on the internet intentionally disinforming victims.

    This is very much like MK Ultra and its repercussions - no criminal prosecutions and many delusional cover stories.

    It's about time that there is some accountability for this. I for one will emigrate the first chance I have. I've had it with this place.

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