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May 27, 2008


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Jonathan David Jackson

Thomas Glave is without a doubt one of contemporary literature's burgeoning treasures--a writer whose technical and formal brilliance in three genres (fiction, essays, and poems) is only matched by his international socio-political actions.

(Regarding his poems: If my old spirit's memory serves me, Glave's pearl-like sonnet sequence is included in Alden Reimonenq's 1995 anthology called MILKING BLACK BULL; if not then the sonnets are included in the late 80s anthology of poetry, TONGUES UNTIED--yes, the original edited book collection before Marlon Rigg's film.)

Glave's calling out of Prime Minister Golding is not just brave. Murder is, without exaggeration, far more of an instrument of homophobia in Jamaica than in the U.S. From what I hear, Glave's calling out is the oral illustration of OUR CARIBBEAN's work--righteousness in a single, dazzling speech act.

Thank you for highlighting Glave's achievements.

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